To cater the scientific needs of the pharmacy profession, the institution has a fully equipped college building consisting of 19 laboratories with sophisticated instruments, 6 lecture halls, 2 seminar halls, a museum and an air conditioned auditorium with a seating capacity of 1000. Separate hostel facilities are available for boys and girls.

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The focus of the department is on novel research activities which include the synthesis and screening of various heterocyclic compounds for their pharmacological, microbiological, anticancer and antitubercular activities.


Department of Pharmaceutics

It comprises of a well organized research wing which works to understand the safety, efficacy and biological action of different formulations and designing of novel drug delivery systems like sustained, controlled, transdermal, ocular, mucoadhesive and targeted drug delivery systems.

Department of Pharmacognosy

The department imparts profound knowledge of traditional systems of medicines and studies safety, efficacy and biological activity of herbal plants and products. The area of research involves identification and investigation of medicinal plants for their phytochemical, pharmacological and microbiological activities.


Department of Pharmacology

This department is involved in screening of natural and synthetic drugs for their pharmacological activities using in vitro and in vivo models involving preclinical and toxicological studies. Knowledge on experimental skill is imparted to students through computer aided visuals.

Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

The department has modern facilities to carry out antimicrobial studies for synthetic and natural products. Therapeutic efficacy of antimicrobial agents are studied through serum antibacterial assays and therapeutic drug monitoring. Current research focuses on bio-conversions of pharmaceutical importance, enzyme production and its immobilization.


Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis

It has advanced facilities for carrying out qualitative analysis of drugs and pharmaceuticals using sophisticated analytical instruments such as LC-MS, HPLC, HPTLC, IR, UV and Fluorescence spectro-photometer.

Department of Pharmacy Practice

The area of specialization includes hospital, clinical and community pharmacy. It is attached to the 500 bedded Sri Ramakrishna Hospital. The department has access to IDIS (containing more than 200 indexed journals) and Micromedex. Clinical pharmacy services like Ward round participation, Prescription monitoring, Providing drug information through a drug information center, Adverse drug reaction monitoring, and patient counseling are practiced.

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