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  • Shivashankar, M. Pharmacy
    Entered: 17/11/2009
    Hi all we are happy to see our new web site with good interactive options, so wish our college to keep rocking!!!!..
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  • Dr.S.D.Shanmugakumar, M.Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical chemistry
    Entered: 10/01/2010
    It is my previlige and pride to be a student in your college from 1995 to 1997. I had gained adequate knowledge in the field of analytical and synthetic chemical methodology which had guided me to produce eight reserach papers in the accredited journals. More over, I express my gratefulness to my respected principal Dr.T.K.Ravi, prinicipal, prof. Francis saleshier and prof. D.C.Sunderavelan for guiding me the basics in the organi chemistry and natural product chemistry. These basic knowledge had laid a foundation to become a teacher in the pharmacy field...
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    Entered: 19/01/2010
    Hai...Nice to see the redesigned web site...Many thanks for the efforts behind it.....
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    Entered: 27/01/2010
    my dear pharmacy friends, hope all are doing well with family members. SRIPMS website to be popularized between our friends [classmates/seniors/juniors] so as to reach best communication. and EXPECTING our SRIPMS=SILVER-JUBILEE CELEBRATION 2010 OR2011. WITH REGARDS, S.ASHOKAN-COIMBATORE..
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